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Spanish Sweet & Smoky Chicken

Tiptop ingredients, playing in the pantry, dreaming up new combos …


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La Maison du Piment: An Intense Labor of Love

Piment d’Espelette is a powder made from a particular spicy red pepper specific to the Basque region of France—grown as part of the housewives’ potager (kitchen garden), from seeds that originally arrived during the time of Columbus. In the region, it served as a substitute for both salt and pepper.

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doucet pate de fruit apricot wand multiple hp

Pâtes de Fruits Squares

François Doucet’s Pâtes de Fruits—the quintessential French fruit jelly—contain a whopping 51% fruit (most of it local to the region) so when you bite into them you get a luscious taste of ripe summer bounty. Our apricot or raspberry stocking stuffers add a sunny Provençal accent to your holiday standards.

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Kitty's Story

I hadn't set out to found an import company at first . . .

I founded KL Keller in 1994 with three oils from Huilerie J. Leblanc. Why? I wanted walnut oil for my kitchen that wasn't rancid and figured other folks would as well.

At KL Keller Foodways, we will continue telling the stories of our farmers and artisan producers; advocating for them at every step in the process; enthusing about the food we sell; and dreaming up new pairings of ingredients.

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