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A one-of-a-kind new product from the Basque coast of Spain

Oh, My Cod!

on Tuesday, 08 December 2015. Posted in Import Chronicles, Announcements

Oh, My Cod!

These days, with the ones and zeros swimming all over the globe, delivering information via the internet, everything has changed—including the way we find new foods.

Yet, happily, one question still persists—on the phone, in emails and at the food shows: “Hi Kitty, what’s new?”

My answer this time? Cod Fillets in Olive Oil. 


 The Discovery

Juliana at Bacalaos Alkorta

Juliana Uruburu in the cod processing room at Bacalaos Alkorta, with owner Miguel Angel Alkorta and Steven Rosenberg, owner of Liberty Heights Fresh (Salt Lake City, Utah)

It seems there are still discoveries that can only be made the old-fashioned way.This particular eureka moment was experienced by our good friend Juliana Uruburu, Cheese Program Director at Market Hall Foods in Oakland California, during her trip to the Spanish Basque country last spring. She did not find anything earth-shattering in the way of cheese, but she brought back to KL Keller this transcendent experience in a jar.

KL Keller Cod Fillets in Olive Oil on Toasts 2015

These exquisite cod fillets in olive oil—what we at KL Keller think of as cod confit—are made using the confit method of slow-cooking in liquid, a technique long revered for its superior preservation of flavor and texture. For this confit, select, tender cod fillets are gently cooked in olive oil for a succulent result.

So here we are, in this age of ones and zeros, with something truly new on our plates: Cod Fillets in Olive Oil.

—Kitty Keller


Bacalaos Alkorta Cod Fillets in Olive Oil with tomato, peppers, garlic, lemon and parsley on toasts

What Makes it Special?

On the Basque coast of Spain, there is a longstanding tradition of preserving fresh seafood. While tuna and anchovies are still caught locally and tinned or jarred (jarred tastes better!), the disappearance of local cod banks has diminished the once-thriving cod trade.

fachada2 Bacalaos Alkorta, a family-run company in the village of Elgoibar, is one of the few Basque companies that still fishes and processes cod, offering it fresh, frozen, cooked and salted.Their Cod fillets in Olive Oil (in a jar!) is a new product for them, and as far as we know, the first of its kind.

It is some of the best cod available in the world, fished from the icy-cold eastern Atlantic waters near the Faroe Islands, a remote archipelago between Norway and Iceland. After harvest, the fish is transported at optimal temperature and immediately processed.

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A worker amid basins of snowy cod at Bacalaos Alkorta


How Do We Love It?

KL Keller Cod Video 2015
 Watch Jonatan Spahn of KL Keller Foodways talk about using Cod Fillets in Olive Oil.



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