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Almazara As Pontis earns top recognition

The Best Olive Oil Mill in Spain

on Friday, 19 May 2017. Posted in Announcements

The Best Olive Oil Mill in Spain

Recognition amongst peers

Wow, this is a big deal! Hot on the heels of our As Pontis Extra Virgin Olive Oil winning Gold at the NYIOOC, Alamazara As Pontis has just been recognized as The Best Olive Oil Mill in Spain by the Spanish Association of Olive Municipalities (AEMO).

What exactly does it mean?

Well, while it's always an honor to win an award based on quality, like the NYIOOC Gold, it's a special thrill to receive top recognition from one's peers in a highly competitive environment. Considering that Spain produces the most olive oil in the world (read: hundreds of mills), this is a stunning achievement.

This news is all the more breathtaking when you consider that the two brothers who run Almazara As Pontis are just a couple of hands-on farmer guys doing an exceptional job in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a nature preserve, in the little town of Eljas in Sierra de Gata, Extremadura, Spain. Congratulations to the Carrasco brothers!

—Kitty Keller

FabricacionState-of-the-art technology at Almazara As Pontis

The thrill of the mill

Almazara As Pontis has long served as an innovation and demonstration site for Pieralisi—leaders in the world of technologically advanced olive mills—testing new innovations in processing olive oil. The neat thing about As Pontis's state-of-the-art mill is that, in addition to creating an exquisite olive oil, it supports sustainability. Resources are kept to a minimum, waste is greatly reduced, and all olive by products are reused as fuel and as mulch for the olive trees.

An authentic obsession

The AEMO jury valued "the careful handling of times and temperatures, the absolute cleanliness that prevails in the facility, and the deep knowledge of the process, all protected by an authentic obsession to extract the maximum possible quality of that special and so particular olive variety that is Manzanilla Cacereña".

Miguel Carrasco examining his Manzanilla Cacerña olives

Miguel Carrasco examining his Manzanilla Cacereña olives

AsPontis Vieiru3

Two to Try

Made with 100% Manzanilla Cacereña olives from old, indigenous trees

As Pontis Organic EVOO

Retailer alert: This organic EVOO is an incredible value! Despite the fact that it just won Gold at the NYIOOC, it is not a finicky finishing oil. As Pontis Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a food-friendly olive oil, particularly approachable in both flavor profile and price.

Vieiru EVOO, DOP

Vieiru Extra Virgin Olive Oil carries a DOP Gata-Hurdes designation of origin, which ensures that the single-varietal olives must be virgin and of high stabilitiy. It's a great all-purpose oil with a fresh green olive nose, hints of bitterness and a lovely long finish.

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