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Kitty's Quest for the Perfect Agen Prune

The French Agen Prune

on Tuesday, 11 October 2016. Posted in Announcements

The French Agen Prune

During my first trip to France, I learned that centuries ago the brainy French successfully transitioned the once lowly prune into what is now the regal, Pruneaux d'Agen (Agen Prune)—an A-class ingredient that has a very enchanting travel history, might I add. You may read more on that here.

In France, Agen Prunes are found everywhere—from being married with goat cheese on top of toast as a hors d'oeuvre; to bathing in a sublime Armagnac sauce cascading over pork cutlets; and even in desserts served with Roquefort Bleu. Oh my dear, the list is endless.

I remember my first love; it came in the form of a French kiss—no, not that kind. It was a succulent and plump Agen Prune stuffed with foie gras mousse, served with an exceptional glass of a sweet port-like Banyuls wine.

kitty near Agen

Kitty Keller in an orchard of Agen Prune trees

The desire to eat Agen Prunes at home led me to begin an unrelenting quest to find the perfect Agen Prune. I eventually found my prune. It came from the French cooperative
Coufidou. Tender, plump, and sweet, these prunes were everything that I was searching for.

KL Keller Foodways now offers a selection of four to choose from.

How Kitty uses Agen Prunes

Come this winter, these beauties will be visiting my dinner parties in many forms: Moroccan Lamb or Chicken Tagine with Prunes as a main course; they will be my fruit of choice in a Clafouti dessert; and of course on my cheese platter with my favorite Cashel Blue—maybe, even a glass of Grande Reserve Banyuls!

Check out this delicious French recipe: Far Breton—a traditional pudding cake, featuring Agen Prunes.

—Kitty Keller

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