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Our current harvest extra virgin olive oils are in

Tried, True & Tested

on Wednesday, 18 May 2016. Posted in Announcements

Tried, True & Tested

They're Here

We are thrilled to announce that the 2015–16 harvest of our extra virgin olive oil is in stock at KL Keller—and good to go!


An Excellent Year

Because all authentic, estate-produced extra virgin olive oils vary slightly year to year, we eagerly await each year’s new crop from our producers. We are pleased to say that the 201516 harvest of Antara Siurana DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil and As Pontis Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is excellent.These are versatile, food-friendly oils with distinct personalities (check out our tasting notes on the product pages).


EVOO Awareness ExtraVirginityPbk

Thanks to Tom Mueller and his book Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil and Bill Whitaker's recent 60 Minutes piece, Agromafia, the general public has finally become aware of quality and fraud concerns in the greater world of all things extra virgin. 


antara olive oil 1Good for Us, Good for You 

This means, thank goodness, that customers are asking for more information and documentation before they buy.

This new, demanding customer base is a boon to KL Keller—and to you! It allows our always superior extra virgin olive oils to stand out and shine more strongly than ever.


Your New Tools

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Here are some talking points and tools that can help you communicate the quality of our extra virgin olive oil to your new, educated customer.

  • We know our producers—by first name! We personally visit their estates and value our relationships with them.
  • Before we purchase an extra virgin olive oil, we have it evaluated by a member of the California Olive Oil Council (COOC)’s tasting panel.
  • Before release to us, each of our extra virgin olive oils is tested by a certified independent lab specializing in olive oil, and receives a Certificate of Analysis with a full report of its components (pictured, right). 
  • We make these certificates easily available on our site (here and here)—and wish others would too!
  • Each new shipment is subject to a similar process.


Good to Go!

All tastings and certifications for our 2015-16 oils are in place. Check out the Antara and As Pontis product pages for tasting notes and a Certificate of Analysis.

Oh, and call for samples: You and your customers are going to be really pleased—but (psst!) the olive oil crop was small in Spain this year, so we expect creeping prices—order now!


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