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European Drinking Chocolate on Trend in Quench

on Tuesday, 19 May 2015. Posted in Media Mentions

European Drinking Chocolate on Trend in Quench

We were excited to open up Gourmet Business' Quench Magazine this month to find our New KL Keller European Drinking Chocolates featured in an article about the growing chocolate beverage trend. Kitty crafted these products in the European style: thick, dark, intriguing, with flavor that lingers in mouth.

“James Mellgren is a wonderful, authoritative writer, possessing fantastic food knowledge; it is a joy to receive a nod from the editor of Gourmet Business' Quench about KL Keller Foodways European Drinking Chocolates!“ Kitty Keller

european drinking chocolatesMellgren mentions KL Keller's Spicy Espelette drinking chocolate in particular as "a nod to the origins of drinking chocolaty goodness." He reminds us that ". . . when the Spanish conquerors first encountered chocolate in the New World, and for a couple of centuries after it was taken back to the Old World, it was consumed strictly as a beverage." 

Also available in Fleur de Sel Caramel drinking chocolate. To a base of top quality cocoa powder and 71% dark chocolate bits, we add fleur de sel caramel pieces for an audacious twist.


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