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Fine Cooking Magazine Features our Dynamic Duo!

Holiday Nibbles—Espelette Jelly and Sweet Basque Cherry Confit

on Monday, 19 December 2016. Posted in Media Mentions

Holiday Nibbles—Espelette Jelly and Sweet Basque Cherry Confit

As we flipped through the pages of the latest issue of Fine Cooking, we were excited to see that our Espelette Pepper Jelly and Sweet Basque Cherry Confit have been featured in the Holiday Nibbles section of the issue.

We have always thought highly of these small batch artisan cheese pleasers produced by our friend Vincent Darritchon—owner of La Masion du Piment. But we were thrilled to see that Fine Cooking does too! This is what they had to say (and we couldn't have said it any better),

"We love this rich, thick, sweet-tart black cherry preserve from La Maison du Piment. Prefer something sweet-spicy? Their wonderful pepper jelly, made with Espelette chiles, has a nice kick that builds as you eat."

maison du piment espelette jelly white label
Espelette Pepper Jelly 100g

Just like Mom's

This Espelette pepper jelly is produced only once a year, during the harvest—late summer. Producer Vincent Darritchon worked from a recipe that his mother Jeanne-Marie created back in 1998 to create this superb spicy jelly that contains 28% freshly harvested, ripe Espelette peppers

Need pairing ideas? Kitty suggests:

  • Try it on a blue cheese such as Fourme d'Ambert.
  • Slather it on some Manchego.
  • Use it on a French Triple Créme cheese.
  • Pair it with a fresh goat cheese.

sweet basque cherry confit
Sweet Basque Cherry Confit 200g

Unadulterated Sweet-Tart Flavor

Silver award winner in the 2013 SOFI's—this small production cherry preserve is made only using rare cerises noires (black cherries), cane sugar, lemon juice, and pectin—no fruit juice concentrates or fillers in this preserve! Traditionally used as the filling for the double-crusted tart called Gâteau Basque, the Sweet Basque Cherry Confit pairs exceptionally well with a Idazabal or Ossaue-Iraty cheese (Basque sheep's milk cheese) or spoon it over some vanilla ice cream for a tasty desert!

Now That's A Real Artisan Product

Click HERE to watch how our Sweet Basque Cherry Confit is mixed batch by batch!

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