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Les Florentins – in Dark Chocolate

Les Florentins – in Dark Chocolate

by: La Maison d'Armorine

Since the ingredients for Florentine cookies—butter, sugar and creamaren’t actually very Florentine, there is a lot of discussion about just how Florentins got their name.  In all probability, they originated in France and were named for the birthplace of the famously Italian Queen of France, the cuisine-altering gastronome Catherine de Medici. Today, Florentines are known as the succulent-chewy-caramel-chocolate-almond-and-orange-confection known globally to distract food lovers from their history books.

Who better to make Florentines than La Maison d’Armorine, centered in the capital of French buttery caramel: Brittany, France? These eight beauties are a chewy, crunchy synthesis of fantastically flavorful caramel, wonderful dark chocolate, a hit of toasted almonds and a hint of orange. Maybe we like Catherine de Medici better than we thought?

Why We Like It
Today you will find La Maison d’Armorine’s range in such luminary establishments as Bon Marché in Paris, in Australia, and even China. However, though the business has increased globally, their production and values have not changed. La Maison d’Armorine still has an Audebert (Alain) at the helm. And they still use cane sugar and local ingredients in small batch (50kg) production, with made-to-order freshness, cooked up in copper pots.

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81029   70g 20 6 lbs 3-561770-008025 4th Quarter Holiday Item

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