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foodservice Banyuls Vinegar

by: La Cave de L'Abbé Rous

A KL Keller Exclusive

Banyuls Vinegar—a sherry-like vinegar from Southern France—is the least-known vinegar in American kitchens and the most-used vinegar in fine American restaurants. Ours, by La Cave Abbé Rous, is the vinegar used in the house dressing at Chez Panisse.

This small production vinegar is made from the naturally sweet wine of Banyuls, with a grape base of 50% Grenache Noir, 40% Grenache Gris, 10% Carignan. It has been barrel-aged for six years to develop nuanced flavor and an excellent balance of sweet and tart

How to Use

What happens if you cook some chicken with onions and there's a lovely crust at the bottom of the pot? Deglaze it with Banyuls Vinegar and you've got your exquisite sauce! 

Why We Like It

Vinegar of Banyuls adds fantastic depth of flavor to any food. With its hint of residual sugar and the six years it spends in oak casks, it elevates pretty much anything it touches
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Ingredients: wine vinegar

The Power of 10 – Ten Ways to Use This Product

  1. Marinate fresh anchovies or sardines
  2. Make Scallops in Banyuls Vinegar Reduction
  3. Make a mignonette sauce for oysters
  4. Drizzle on steamed vegetables
  5. Splash onto southern-style greens
  6. Use as a pan sauce for roasted poultry
  7. Pickle roasted red & yellow peppers
  8. Make marinated mushrooms
  9. Spritz over strawberries
  10. Brighten up coleslaw

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Product CodeUnit SizeUnit / CaseCase Weight UPC CodeNotes
81205   375 ml 12 19 lbs 3 25382 801010 3 New bottle
81207   750 ml 12 39 lbs 3253828000104  

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