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foodservice Antara Siurana DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil

by: Coselva

Antara Siurana DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Catalonia region of Spain has the special quality designation Denominación de Origen (DOP) Siurana. It is made with 100% Arbequina olives, the classic variety of the region, which are harvested while still green in order to contribute pungency and complexity to the oil. Antara is produced by Coselva, a rural agriculture cooperative with a mill in the town of La Selva del Camp. Each aspect of production, from harvest to pressing, is carefully audited to ensure the continued excellence of Antara Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Current Harvest Tasting Notes

Olive Varietal: Arbequina
Flavor & Aroma: nutty, almond flavor, buttery, with light mouthfeel and hints of banana on the nose
Pungency & Bitterness: mild

Why We Like It
Antara Siurana DOP offers fantastic value, combining an easy fruity flavor that brings out the best in food with a price that allows you to enjoy the taste and health benefits of extra virgin olive oil every day.

The Real Deal
Before release to us, each of our extra virgin olive oils is tested by a certified independent lab specializing in olive oil, and receives a Certificate of Analysis with a full report of its components. Antara is certified extra virgin olive oil by the Generalitat de Catalunya. 

View the Certificate of Analysis

The Power of 10 – Ten Ways to Use This Product

  1. Dip asparagus spears in homemade Antara aioli
  2. Whip up some hummus
  3. Use in Caesar dressing
  4. Try Catalan tomato-rubbed toast, pa amb tomàquet
  5. Pour a puddle over a bowl of gazpacho
  6. Mix into mashed potatoes instead of butter
  7. Drizzle over fava beans
  8. Toss with steamed cauliflower
  9. Fry baby artichoke hearts (yes, you can!)
  10. Make Gambas al Ajillo

Wholesale Information

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  81100 500 ml 12     8 11547 00008 4 sofi Winner
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