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J. Leblanc Hazelnut Oil

foodservice J. Leblanc Hazelnut Oil

by: J. Leblanc

J. Leblanc Huilerie, founded in 1878, is a small family operation in Burgundy, France. It has gained an international following for its small-batch, handcrafted nut oils of superlative quality.

Winner of a 2007 SOFI award, J. Leblanc Hazelnut Oil is cold-pressed, 100% unrefined and made to order, so it tastes of pure roasted hazelnuts. A little goes a long way in adding full, toasty flavor to vegetables, salads and cheese.

Why We Like It

This is a wonderfully pure and clean oil. The unadulterated flavor of roasted hazelnuts complements a range of foods, especially fall and winter holiday cuisine.

J. Leblanc starts with careful selection of the highest quality whole nuts available, grown on many of the same farms that they have been doing business with for generations. For each batch of oil, about fifty-four pounds of nuts are ground into a paste using the huilerie's original granite mill.

Because the huilerie has no large storage facilities or refining capabilities, production only takes place when orders come in—assuring the very freshest nut oils with clean, bright, deep flavors and startling longevity (if refrigerated after first use, they usually stay good for up to a year)

The Power of 10 – Ten Ways to Use This Product

  1. The rich, buttery flavor of J. Leblanc Hazelnut Oil is fantastic on grilled salmon with a fast spritz of Meyer lemon and a dash of fleur de sel
  2. Use it to dress blanched asparagus 
  3. Drizzle it on poached Chioggia beets with fresh chopped parsley, and serve with Cashel Blue cheese toasts
  4. Use as the butter in mashed potatoes
  5. For an autumnal thrill, try it in the vinaigrette for a salad of oak leaf lettuce, sliced fuyu persimmons and fried vegetable chips—use our Master Recipe for Real French Vinaigrette
  6. Slather it over oven-roasted Brussels sprout leaves
  7. Drizzle it on vanilla ice cream with a dash of fleur de sel
  8. Finish butternut squash soup
  9. Use it in Chef Amaryll Schwertner's Silky Cauliflower Purée with J. Leblanc Hazelnut Oil
  10. It plays a starring role in our recipe for Dreamy Mashed Potatoes

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