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KL Keller Dukkah – Traditional

by: KL Keller Foodways

This addictive Egyptian spice mixture is made by blending roasted sesame seeds, almonds and hazelnuts with ground cumin, coriander and sea salt. Traditionally, dukkah is served alongside hearty pieces of bread or crisp vegetables and a small bowl of good extra virgin olive oil. Dip your bread or vegetable of choice in the olive oil and then in the dukkah. The warmth of the spices is heightened by the richness of the olive oil for an unforgettable flavor. If you prefer a little spice, try our Spicy Dukkah. The addition of Aleppo and cayenne pepper fire up this nutty spice blend. Another winning option for a bit of a bite is to switch out the olive oil for our Yandilla Mustard Seed Oil.

Ingredients: sesame seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, spices, sea salt

The Power of 10 – Ten Ways to Use This Product

  1. Sauté blanched chard in olive oil, garlic, and preserved lemon. Sprinkle with dukkah to taste
  2. Add to hummus to spice up and add crunch
  3. Use as a dip along with olive oil for bread or fresh vegetables
  4. Sprinkle over a roasted vegetable or pumpkin soup
  5. Use as a crust base for roast rack of lamb
  6. Add to a deviled egg filling
  7. Add to a breading mix for fish or chicken pieces
  8. Mix dukkah with olive oil and toss with freshly popped popcorn
  9. Bake feta cheese with olive oil and preserved lemon, sprinkle with Dukkah
  10. Add to steamed vegetables for extra crunch and flavor

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Product CodeUnit SizeUnit / CaseCase Weight UPC CodeNotes
81395   2 oz 9 2 lbs 7-93232-81395-0 Egyptian spice blend, new size
81407   1.5 oz 18 2 lbs 7 93232 81407 0  

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