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foodservice KL Keller - Alaea Black Lava Salt

by: KL Keller Foodways

This distinctive sea salt get its unique look and mineral-rich flavor from the soil composition of the Hawaiian salt beds where crystallization takes place.

Today, Black Lava Salt is made by blending Hawaiian sea salt with activated charcoal, a technique that harks back to a time when lava powder mixed naturally with drying sea water to form dark crystals. Our black lava salt is stunning on the plate. A bit sprinkled over salmon carpaccio or on the edge of a cup of bright green pea soup first thrills the eyes and then the palate.

Why We Like It
We eat with our eyes first, and this vivid salt is a visual treat. It is great for adding a sprinkle of color to a dish or making playful creations like pumpkin soup with black lava salt for Halloween. KL Keller Hawaiian sea salts are really made in Hawaii and they contain no anti-caking or flowing agents.

The Power of 10 – Ten Ways to Use This Product

  1. Adorn the edge of a cup of brightly colored soup
  2. Garnish a yellowfin tuna carpaccio
  3. Sprinkle on a baked potato with sour cream and serve with steak
  4. Dust over Caesar salad
  5. Rim Margarita glasses for a fun take on the classic cocktail
  6. Make really devilish looking deviled eggs
  7. Adorn jack-o'-lantern (pumpkin) soup for Halloween
  8. Serve poached eggs over polenta, with Black Lava Salt on top
  9. Mix with smoked pimentón and toss with popcorn
  10. Sprinkle over roasted asparagus

Wholesale Information

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81303 10 lbs 1     N/A packed to order/ships separately
  81304 6.5 oz 12     7 93232 81304 2  
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