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KL Keller Black Truffle Salt

KL Keller Black Truffle Salt

by: KL Keller Foodways

KL Keller Foodways Black Truffle Salt is the right flavor at the right size. We take natural, fine-grain sea salt from Spain (without any additives), blend it with flecks of black summer truffle, add a touch of porcini powder (for visible coverage) and a hint of pure truffle essence.

Use this aromatic black truffle salt as a rub for roast chicken, sprinkle it on scrambled eggs, or—our favorite way—dust it on buttery popcorn, kick back and watch a good French film!

Ingredients: sea salt, black truffle bits, porcini powder, truffle essence

The Power of 10 – Ten Ways to Use This Product

  1. Use as the rub for roast Cornish game hen (remember to coat the inside too!)
  2. Sprinkle on steak and eggs for dinner
  3. Finish tagliatelle with scallops and unsalted butter
  4. Sprinkle over just-cooked french fries
  5. Season vegetable quiche
  6. Rub on lamb kabobs and grill
  7. Season coddled eggs
  8. Add to ground meat seasoning for hamburgers
  9. Season savory pasta salad
  10. Add to an egg salad sandwich

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  81330 1.9 oz 12     7 93232 81330 1  
81331 10 lbs 1     N/A packed to order/ships separately
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