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KL Keller Lemon Pepper Salt

foodservice KL Keller Lemon Pepper Salt

by: KL Keller Foodways

Lemon pepper salt is an Americana throwback to the seasoning salts from the 50’s and 60’s, when the world was bigger and life was . . . well . . . simpler. It brings to mind memories of succulent steaks on the grill with the family collie circling . . . .

KL Keller Lemon Pepper Salt is the embodiment of those memories, juxtaposed against the more sophisticated tastes of 2015. We use simple, high-level ingredients: unprocessed Spanish Sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, lemon peel, and (for the sour) citric acid and lemon oil. Oh, and since we are not in the 50’s and 60’s any more: there’s no sugar, no rubbery-tasting garlic powder and no MSG!

Why We Like It
KL Keller Lemon Pepper Salt offers a simple and versatile way to integrate the complimentary lemon and pepper flavors into anything from a grilled steak or a sautéed red snapper filet to a chicken salad sandwich. At KL Keller, we particularly like the absence of any anti-caking agents in the salt—just the clean salty taste of the sea!  

Ingredients: sea salt, dried lemon peel, black pepper, citric acid, dried lemon juice, lemon oil.

Contains no anti-caking or flowing agents

The Power of 10 – Ten Ways to Use This Product

  1. Sprinkle KL Keller Lemon Pepper Salt on fire-grilled steak
  2. Use it to dust french fries or creamy mashed potatoes
  3. Sprinkle it on chicken wings and roast
  4. Use it as a rub for roast pork loin
  5. Fish (excuse us, we need more room—how not to use it with fish?)
    1. Finish seared scallops
    2. Add to sautéed shrimp & linguini
    3. Make lemon pepper fire-roasted squid
    4. Dredge fish filets in lemon pepper salt-seasoned flour and fry
    5. Add to cure for gravlax
    6. Make (canned) tuna & mashed potato fish cakes with lemon pepper-seasoned breadcrumbs
    7. Dust it into the flour for batter-fried oysters
  6. Sauté Napa cabbage or leeks in butter and season with lemon pepper salt
  7. Use it as a seasoning for home-baked pita chips, corn chips or croutons
  8. Add it to cream sauces for pasta or vegetables
  9. Dredge Haloumi cheese or firm tofu in flour with lemon pepper salt and fry
  10. Season a chicken salad sandwich

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Product CodeUnit SizeUnit / CaseCase Weight UPC CodeNotes
81339   6 oz 12 9 lbs 0 87586 95509 2  
81340   10 lbs 1 10 lbs N/A Packed to order/ships separately

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