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Espelette Pepper Jelly

Espelette Pepper Jelly

by: La Maison du Piment

This sublime, spicy jelly is a family inspiration from la Maison du Piment, French Basque makers of Piment d’Espelette AOP. It contains 15% freshly harvested, ripe Espelette peppers, which confer a spicy, fruity taste and aroma.

It is only produced once a year, during the harvest. Producer Vincent Darritchon, working from a recipe his mother Marie Jeanne created in 1998 in the kitchen of La Maison du Piment, shows wonderful restraint in his making. First, he gently heats a fresh red pepper coulis in a four-gallon copper bain-marie. He then uses this small-batch coulis to make a beautifully balanced jelly.

Why We Like It
This is a fun new idea. It’s really versatile, and—unlike other pepper jellies—it has a warm, food-friendly flavor that won’t rip your head off. Also, the size is right when you want to keep a diversified pantry: plenty, but not too much!  

A KL Keller Exclusive

The Power of 10 – Ten Ways to Use This Product

  1. Use it to slather oven-roasted chicken wings
  2. Make blue cheese and espelette pepper jelly crostini (yum)
  3. Finish Double Deviled Eggs with droplets of the jelly
  4. Serve with foie gras
  5. Drizzle on top of traditional cheesecake or over a chocolate torte
  6. Make a peanut butter and espelette pepper jelly sandwich
  7. Use it as a glaze for oven-roasted duck thighs
  8. It's great with any rare meat like duck or boudin noir
  9. Drizzle into bubbly and make a Kir Basque
  10. Drizzle over fresh goat cheese and serve with crackers
  11. Oh, and don’t forget the pig! Pork ribs slathered with Espelette Pepper Jelly by Maison du Piment are fantastic.


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