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KL Keller Saffron Honey

KL Keller Saffron Honey

by: KL Keller Foodways

Depending on its nectar source, honey will display strikingly different flavors and aromas. In creating KL Keller Savory Honey, we carefully match each honey’s unique flavor to our chosen savory ingredient. Selected with this level of care, each flavor component enhances the other.

In KL Keller Saffron Honey, orange blossom honey’s perfume is heightened by saffron’s own heady aroma.

Why We Like It
We make our KL Keller Saffron Honey with local, small-production orange blossom honey and blend it with best quality saffron. In all, we tasted ten different honeys from ten different beekeepers (we were amazed by the differences in each honey of the same type). Finally, we selected the best honey for complementing the particular qualities of saffron. One more thing: The jars are just the right size for keeping keep a couple on hand in your pantry.

Kitty Says 
Why did I want savory honeys in my kitchen? No one but Johnny Cash gets up and wears black every day. We all wear different colors, depending on the day and by the season. Likewise, different ingredients are part of our flavor wardrobe. Inventing our savory honeys gave me the chance to create dishes with flavors I would not usually have around. The idea for our manageably-sized jars came with my wish to expand my flavor wardrobe without having to expand my pantry.

Ingredients: American orange blossom honey, 100% saffron powder

The Power of 10 – Ten Ways to Use This Product

    5 Cheese Pleasers:
  1. Drizzle it over fresh goat cheese
  2. Spread it over Teleme and serve with roasted hazelnuts
  3. Slather it on toasts spread with Fourme d'Ambert , and top with sliced figs
  4. Use it to glaze ricotta-stuffed figs
  5. Make open-faced toasts topped with Idiazábal and drizzled with saffron honey

  6. 5 more ways:
  7. Swirl it over vanilla ice cream
  8. Whip it into cream and top an apricot tart
  9. Impress your guests with Martha Stewart’s Saffron Honey Panna Cotta
  10. Make roasted pork glazed with KL Keller Saffron Honey
  11. Drizzle it on fresh figs and bake


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