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Stuffed Agen Prunes with Armagnac

by: Coufidou

The stuffed Prunes of Agen (Pruneaux d’Agen Fourrés Saveur Armagnac) from France are a classic holiday delicacy revered by prune lovers all over Europe. Tender, splendid, full-bodied Agen Prunes are de-pitted and filled generously with a smooth purée of their own fruit, which is sweetened and delicately flavored with Armagnac. In France, these prunes are enjoyed as dessert, served with Armagnac or Banyuls wine at the end of a meal. Pruneaux d’Agen Fourrés are also perfect as a sweet foil to cooked game and an out-of-this-world match for blue cheese.

Why We Like It
Though prunes are often viewed as health food in the US, Pruneaux d’Agen Fourrés Saveur Armagnac are the deluxe gift for French-food lovers throughout the world. They are a versatile treat to eat as a confection or to finish a cheese platter. One taste reveals just how luxurious a prune can be.

Ingredients: Agen prunes, creamed Agen prunes (prune pulp, glucose syrup, pectin, sugar, aroma of Armagnac) gum arabic, sorbic acid

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  81054 150 g 24     3 328400 019109 4th Quarter Holiday Item
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