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Agredolc Vinegar by Mas d'en Gil

Agredolc Vinegar by Mas d'en Gil

by: Mas d'en Gil

Agredolc Vinegarby Mas d’en Gil in Catalonia, Spain is a “sour-sweet” wine vinegar with layered, complex flavors that reflect both its long barrel aging and its origins in great wine. Mas d’en Gil winery is located in Priorat, a region famous for its voluptuous (and expensive) reds made from Carignan and Grenache grapes, and Mas d’en Gil wines regularly receive scores in the 90s from Robert Parker and other wine critics. It is from these excellent wines that Agredolc Vinegar is made.

Why We Like It
In a market saturated with cheap wine vinegar blended with sugar and caramel coloring, Mas d’en Gil Agredolcis a standout. It is 100% wine from Priorat aged in barrels from a solera dating from 1958, with a small amount of grape must added for sweetness (in the solera system, vinegars of varying ages are meticulously blended in the barrels to maintain consistently excellent quality and complexity of flavor). The result is nuanced condiment with layers and layers of flavor. This is a chef’s choice! 

Agredolc Vinegar by Mas d'en Gil is packaged dramatically and holds its own on the shelf.

How to Use
This voluptuous vinegar give itself to poetic use
: Why not choose a few figs as they come into market, put them in the blender with some Agredolc and sea salt, and marinate duck legs and thighs for the grill? Serve them on couscous, and smirk at your secret ally when the compliments start piling in.

A KL Keller Exclusive

The Power of 10 – Ten Ways to Use This Product

  1. Use in vinaigrette for salad with blue cheese and pears
  2. Make an onion, raisin and Agredolcconfit to serve with pâté
  3. Reduce to a gastrique for drizzling over rich meats or creamy cheeses
  4. Toss with fresh figs and roast
  5. Combine with preserves and brush on meat before grilling
  6. Douse fresh strawberries and top with mascarpone
  7. Mix with walnut oil to dress arugula and dcried sour cherry salad
  8. Cook sautéed carrots in Agredolc until tender and glazed
  9. Splash on wilted greens or chard
  10. Make AgredolcGlazed Cipollini Onions

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Product CodeUnit SizeUnit / CaseCase Weight UPC CodeNotes
81216   500 ml 6 8 437001778584  
81217   250 ml 12 13 lbs 8 437001778577  

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